PCGalore is a renowned I.T Service and Repair Company

We have been repairing all I.T Related equipment since computers became a part of the Home furnishing. We Pride ourselves in all the work carried out at an affordable price not only to Home users but also small businesses. We are a dedicated skilled set of Technicians from all backgrounds whether it may be cabling to server implementation. We can assist you in Hosting, domain buying, Pc repairs, Laptop repair and Mac repair. We have been in the field of I.T since the 80’s growing with the ever expanding world of Information Technology. What makes us stand out is the knowing what is required by any client Big or Small. The ability to Work alongside the many Distributers allowing easy access to 1000’s of products whether it be New, Used or simply refurbished products. Just because you don’t see what is available, Please don’t be to hesitant in asking for the product you need. We have come across many people who will not part with their old equipment but simply want to keep them in good health until they are ready to take that plunge in replacing it. As a business model we do not ask you to move or have anything that will make your experience a less enjoyable one. What we can offer is a straight forward project plan on how you want to use or work with the technologies available to you for your Home or Business.

  • IT Procurement
  • Software licencing
  • Physical and cloud infrastructure
  • Professional Services
  • backup and disaster recovery
  • Unified Communications
  • Managed print and supply
  • Hardware maintenance


We have access to all the renowned Brands available in the I.T Sector and have close links to the best distributors in the UK and Northern Ireland saving you in the long run.